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Psilos Volakas

Information about Psilos Volakas Beach

Psilos Volakas Beach, situated close to the town of Paleochora in Crete, has become a favored destination for those seeking both relaxation and a touch of the authentic Cretan seaside experience. Marked by its gentle slopes and clear waters, this beach is suitable for families, solo travelers, and couples alike.


One of the distinctive features of Psilos Volakas is its ease of access. Being not too far from Paleochora, visitors find it convenient for quick day trips without the need for extensive planning. Moreover, its typically less crowded ambiance gives it an edge for those yearning for a quieter beach day.


Water enthusiasts will appreciate the calm waves of Psilos Volakas, perfect for a leisurely swim or snorkeling. Those looking for relaxation can comfortably spread out their beach mats and enjoy the Mediterranean sun, often with the added treat of watching local fishermen at work.


Another advantage of Psilos Volakas Beach is its proximity to Paleochora. After a fulfilling day by the sea, it’s easy to head into town. Whether it’s for a hearty Cretan meal, a little shopping, or a casual evening walk, Paleochora offers a diverse range of activities to complement the beach experience.

Location of Psilos Volakas Beach