Hike from

Paleochora to Gialiskari

Information about the hike

The hike from Paleochora to Gialiskari is a scenic adventure that allows you to savor the natural beauty of Crete’s southwestern coast. Starting from the coastal town of Paleochora, this trail offers a unique opportunity to explore the rugged landscapes and coastal vistas of the region.


Beginning your journey in Paleochora, you’ll follow a well-marked path that winds its way along the coastline. The route takes you through olive groves and offers striking views of the Libyan Sea. As you continue, you’ll find yourself amidst the charming village of Gialiskari.


This hike is ideal for those who appreciate both nature and a bit of exercise. The relatively moderate difficulty level makes it accessible to a range of hikers, including families and casual walkers. Along the way, you can take in the scents of wild herbs, the sound of the sea, and the refreshing sea breeze.


Upon arriving in Gialiskari, you’ll have the chance to relax on its picturesque pebble beach and perhaps take a refreshing swim. The small village’s laid-back ambiance and beachfront tavernas offer a delightful spot to enjoy a meal or refreshments before considering your return journey to Paleochora.


Overall, the hike from Paleochora to Gialiskari provides an excellent blend of coastal beauty, outdoor adventure, and the opportunity to explore a charming seaside village—all within a manageable day’s excursion.