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Information about Gialiskari Beach

Gialiskari Beach, located just a short distance from the bustling town of Paleochora in Crete, is a premier destination for those seeking both natural beauty and convenience. Its shores filled with pebbles, complemented by the shimmering turquoise waters, make it a top choice for visitors and locals alike.


What sets Gialiskari apart is its adaptability. It’s a haven for the adventurous with a plethora of water activities available, ensuring there’s never a dull moment. Conversely, for those intent on relaxation, there’s ample space to lay out, soak up the sun, and lose oneself in the gentle lapping of the waves.


The beach’s close ties to Paleochora is a significant advantage. After soaking up the sun, visitors can easily venture into the town, delving into its rich local cuisine or enjoying a leisurely evening walk. This closeness also ensures that essential amenities, from cozy cafes to clean restrooms, are readily available, adding to the overall comfort of the beach experience.

Location of Gialiskari Beach